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SEMINAR (8): How did I learn foreign languages? (Feb 7th 2020)

Foreign languages are playing an increasingly important role in many fields and are realized to have a direct impact on Vietnam’s industrialization, modernization and international economic entry. Therefore, studying foreign languages is an important part of positioning yourself in the process of entering the international economy. Understanding many languages means that you can overcome culture and custom barriers of many countries around the world. However, the question of “How can I study foreign languages?” is a problem for people, especially for college students who are about to graduate or who want to find a good job.

Understanding that situation, the theme of “How did I learn foreign languages?” was selected and shared about experience learning foreign languages at the seminar by Mr. La Nhat Hoang. By the way, Mr. Hoang, who has studied foreign languages a long time, has just passed the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 and scored 915 points in the TOEIC.

The seminar was held on Thursday, February 6th, 2020, and begun with a book told about the story of English learning of Do Nhat Nam, a genius boy, “Tớ đã học Tiếng Anh như thế nào?” (How did I learn English?). And then, according to Mr. Hoang, learning foreign languages gives you opportunities to work for a high-paying job, broaden your worldview, approach trends around the world, enhance your thinking, improve your memory and concentration, etc.

People use their own ways of learning foreign languages, but have you ever asked if your own way of studying works? This question is probably not everyone can find the answer yet. Mr. Hoang pointed out mistakes everyone almost made when studying foreign languages. Those mistakes are thought that do not matter much, but from Mr. Hoang’s analysis, participants understand that they can become obstacles on the way of learning foreign languages.

Mr. Hoang then shared tips and tricks on getting the TOEIC 915 points and N1 passing points that everyone is most interested in, things that people long for. Methods and tricks may be simple, but it has motivated everyone to pursue their favorite foreign languages and keep learning.

Each seminar participants has become aware of experience of learning foreign languages that Mr. Hoang shared. Fuji Technology JSC’s members can plan to master their own foreign language after realizing mistakes they made, gaining “tips” shared by a great person who achieved some successes in learning foreign languages. 

Hope all of you are always successful!