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Following the first successful seminar in 2020, Fuji Technology JSC was eager to consult, select themes, and plan next seminars.

On the afternoon of Thursday, January 16th, 2020, Android team leader of Mr. Duong Tuan Vu chose the theme “Using Firebase in developing, measuring, and optimizing quality & revenue of applications” and presented it at the seminar. Sharing the knowledge about calculating and measuring revenue with Firebase from a technician who has “money-earning” experience with mobile apps for many years has generated a great interest among Fuji Technology JSC’s members.

Firebase is a Google’s mobile application development platform, used by top apps and systems. This platform helps us develop apps quickly and continuously without having to worry about infrastructure.

Today, creating mobile apps is no longer a challenge. You can create mobile apps using various technologies and platforms such as Android, iOS, React-native, Flutter, etc. These technologies and platforms are well-documented, so technicians can easily create mobile apps based on them. There are also platforms that help people who do not know coding and programming create mobile apps.

However, creating a mobile app is easy, but creating a high-quality mobile app is very difficult. Creating an app that works smoothly on any device with a clean UI / UX, easy to use, and no bugs does not mean that your apps meet all of user requirements. After successfully meeting all of the user’s requirements, how to make users be happy to spend money on your apps is a challenge that needs to be considered. However, Firebase will solve those issues for us.

The theme of making money with mobile apps is especially attractive. Therefore, it is easy to understand that participants discussed lively. Everyone listened to Mr. Vu’s presentation and asked a lot of questions to Mr. Vu and the mobile team members.

We are looking forward to seminars on more familiar topics so that Fuji Technology JSC’s  members have the opportunity to gain new knowledge that will help them work and adapt to their lives.