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SEMINAR (6): AGILE – SCRUM (Jan 2nd 2020)

Seminars that share knowledge and experience in work or in the IT field have become a culture fostered by Fuji Technology JSC.

January 2nd, 2020 is the first work day of 2020, and also is the day when the seminar about the skill of managing projects with the Agile – Scrum model was held. This seminar was a joint study of experience and knowledge gained during the study and work, led by Mr. Tran Trong Hien, a project manager who is experienced in the company and has highly technical. By the way, Mr. Hien is a manager with experience managing a number of projects using various management tools and methods. A seminar on the topic of “Using the Agile – Scrum model in project management”, which is full of expertise, is quite difficult for participants, but it can be said to be the start of an exciting and exciting new year.

Mr. Hien introduced the Agile – Scrum model from outline to detail. He answered questions one after another with members. For example, what is the Scrum workflow? How can we use the Agile – Scrum model to manage projects? How are Daily Scrum Meetings and Sprint Planning Meetings deployed and what are their significance? Which tools to use when managing projects with the Agile – Scrum model? How can the model be applied effectively? Etc

It was thought that this theme would be difficult, but after mysterious pieces were put one after another in correct positions by Mr. Hien and participants, the puzzle was completed, and everyone can understand more in detail in how to use Agile – Scrum in the project management.

This theme was a considerable challenge for the presenter who has really experienced project management and paticipants. On the other hand, this is also a chance for our young members to learn how to manage from our seniors and understand business and operation of the company.

Since this is a highly specialized subject, it has caught the attention of our engineers and received many questions from participants. Hien consulted with our team members to get their opinion on how to handle the actual situation in each team’s project.

It is the first step that is troublesome! As 2020 kicks off with this challenging and highly specialized theme, we hope that the following seminar themes will bring Fuji Technology JSC’s members useful knowledge and hands-on lessons for their work. Enjoy the fascinating theme of the next seminar!