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SEMINAR (5): TEAMWORK SKILL (Dec 12th 2019)

The seminar activity has recently become an activity frequently held in Fuji Technology JSC. Through the seminars, company members can share, discuss about the same topic then on top of it, improve their skills and knowledge needed for work.

And this time, on Dec 12th, in Fuji Technology JSC’s meeting room, Mr. Nguyen The Long had a chance to share with company members about the topic of Teamwork. Unlike previous seminars, this time’s seminar was not about a technical topic but a general working skill. In the development of a project aside from technical skills like languages, frameworks, etc, teamwork is also an important factor influencing the success of the project and the whole company as a whole.  

The presentation was clearly presented. In the first half, Mr. Long shared a rough idea of what is teamwork before going into the main subject: the basic skills and principle to a functional teamwork. In his presentation, Mr. Long had stressed the influence and inportance of cooperation in works.

This time’s topic also got a lot of applause from the members of the company. After the presentation, attendees also share their own experience from work.

The seminar activity is a very valuable activity, it brings the chance to share and improve the skills and knowledge to company members. With new knowledge, Fuji Technology JSC members will continue to improve themselves along with the development of the company.