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SEMINAR (4): CLEAN CODE (Nov 28th 2019)

Last Nov 28th, in Namba meeting room at Fuji Technology JSC, as a continuation of monthly seminar activity, the presentation with the topic of “Clean Code” was held. This time, the presentator was a developer of our C# team: Mr. Nguyen Duc Giap. 

This seminar went deep into a technical topic so to a person who is not a developer, it might have been a little hard to follow subject. However, no developer is a stranger to writing codes. It’s a developer’s job and passion. And Clean Code is what every developer works toward everyday.

In this seminar, Mr. Giap introduced 2 main subjects: the definition of Clean Code and rules to attain Clean Code. 

In his presentation, Mr. Giap also stressed: “The important thing to write a clean code is that developers improve their own knowledge and experience.” And that it is not something can be attained by reading a book or two but a long process of accumulation and pratice.

With a topic so close to home to all developers, the presentation won a lot of applause from the members attending to the seminar. They also had a lot of questions as well as evaluations toward this seminar. 

Through Mr. Giap’s seminar, everyone has gained valuable knowledge. Hope that the next seminars will also get as much attention and evaluation from company members.