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Programming is so difficult. If someone says that programming isn’t difficult, it’s because they have many years of experiences of programming. It’s okay to be overwhelmed when you’re learning about programming. There are many things to learn and maybe you’ll forget them quickly. So this seminar will focus on how to master programming, a necessary theme with coders.

In this seminar, Binh helped us know more about programming language, development and importance of programming language.

Firstly, Binh talked about outsourcing market. Nowadays, you can’t talk about IT outsourcing without mention about China and India. But because of political situation and price fluctuation, IT outsourcing market has tended to focus on Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam and the Philippines.

While the Philippines is the destination of many European – American companies due to English language ability and cultural similarities, Vietnam is a reliable partner with Japanese businesses in particular and Asia in general. According to AT Kearney, in 2017, Vietnam ranked 6th out of 55 countries in terms of attractiveness in software outsourcing market.

In recent years, the number of IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam is increasing rapidly. In 2015, more than 1,000 companies and 80,000 people participated in this field. There are big companies with 100% Vietnamese capital such as FPT, CMC, Tinh Van … and foreign-invested companies such as CO-WELL, Framgia, Cybersoft …

Advantages and challenges of Vietnam’s IT outsourcing market


With more than 90 million people and the average age is under 30, Vietnam is proud to be a young population country, the number of graduated students per year is over 40,000 and continues to increase rapidly. Vietnamese students have strong thinking in natural science, suitable for IT industry, while foreign language skills – especially English and Japanese are evaluated well. Moreover, software companies in Vietnam are supported by the government with great advantages.

Members continued to talk about the ways of approaching programming languages such as fundamentals, information, skills, innovation, don’t cram knowledge at the same time, review, experiment with personal project …

Each member of the seminar realized his / her own story in the process of learning new programming languages from Binh’s sharing. After learning from the mistakes and accumulating more “good tips”, all members of Fuji Technology JSC have plans for learning and cultivating more knowledge.