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SEMINAR 12: NLP (28/05/2020)

Seminars are gradually becoming Fuji Tech’s indispensable event. In this seminar, Nguyen Anh Van – the youngest member of Fuji Tech JSC, introduced NLP – Neuro – Linguistic Programming.

In this seminar, Van explained what Neuro – Linguistic – Programming – NLP is. Definition of NLP is: thought programming and mind programming. It contains three components that have the greatest influence on the formation of each person’s personal experiences: neurology, linguistics, and pre programmed patterns. Many scientists conclude that NLP has no scientific evidence and classify NLP as Pseudoscience. 



Van not only shared about NLP’s definition but also about how NLP works and the benefits of learning NeuroLinguistic – Programming. They are:

– Improve the acumen of the senses to make quick and smart decisions

– Understand the physiological psychology

– Control yourself, balance your emotions to communicate and behave appropriately

– Have the skills of gaining good impressions from others

– Control your emotions and enhance your emotional wisdom

– Have the skills of convincing and negotiating effectively in communication

– Overcome obstacles, challenges, difficulties in work and life

– Motivate yourself to learn, remove the psychological barriers that limit and prevent you from reaching success to achieve your career goals

– Reinforce the structure of successful thinking and help you become more aware of your motivations



So we’ll know what kind of person we are:

– Visual

– Kinesthetic

– Auditory

– Auditory digital


After this seminar, Van also gave Fuji tech’s members a personality test to know what kind of person they are.





The sharing session of Van helped us know more about new knowledge. After this seminar, I hope we will gain more useful knowledge from Fuji Tech’s members.