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Today, information technology (IT) is one of industries that is developing strongly across the world. Information technology has made human life more abundant, convenient and comfortable. In order to further enrich human life, IT industry should make new progress and grow continuously.

Our country, Vietnam, is also known as one of countries of the world that has made significant progress in this industry. Vietnamese programmers and engineers will need to deepen their knowledge, update new technologies, and improve their skills to catch the trends of the times and include Vietnam in the ranking of technologically advanced countries.

After understanding the situation and preparing the plan for a long time, Fuji Technology JSC’s engineers decided to hold regular seminar activities.

Purposes of this seminar activities are to help Fuji Technology JSC’s engineers improve their technical skills, improve their presentation skills in public, and especially to share and update IT knowledge together.

The first seminar was held on October 10th in the Namba meeting room, where Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhung presented the theme of “Improving Work Efficiency and Work Effects”.

Although this theme seems to have no relation with IT, it is one of important keys to succeed in projects. In Nhung’s presentation, she pointed out causes of obstacles to the efficiency and effect of work that everyone is always hitting. To solve this difficult situation, many concrete methods proposed to improve the efficiency and effect of work better. Those methods are summarized below.

・Set clear milestones for tasks

・ Plan task processing and clarify processing priority

・ Creating a meeting plan carefully

・ Priority on important tasks

・ High concentration on work

・ Understand your own strengths and weaknesses

・ Effective use of work support tools

・ Set required rules such as 80/20, 5S, etc

This is actually a valuable time of sharing experience from an experienced leader who has worked in big Japanese IT companies. Members listened to Ms. Nhung’s passionate presentation with fascination, asked many questions and appreciated it.

Thanks to Ms. Nhung’s efforts and the enthusiastic participation of engineers, the first seminar was successful. We hope that our members will be able to apply the knowledge they gained in this seminar, work with high efficiency and produce good results. We pray that Fuji Technology’s seminar activities will continue with informative and engaging themes, and that members will improve their skills and levels of technology through the seminar.