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Due to the need to expand the company with the aim of opening a Da Nang office, we are looking forward to finding 02 Android Developers to work in Da Nang city.

I. Job Descriptions

・Provide system architecture design, API, software architecture documentation to other team members, customers, or partners.

・Work with customers and partners, including business analysts, project managers, and developers.

・Read and understand specifications, analyze product requirements, design features, implement and test software.

・Collaborate with other members (client side or third party) to design and implement business requirements.


II. Job Requirements

・Experience from 1 year or more in Android application development

・Mastering basic android knowledge: View, Activity, Fragment, Service, Retrofit …

・Mastering OOP Experience with design pattern MVP, MVVM, clean architecture

・Have a good knowledge of data structures and algorithms

・Knowing and working with Koin / Dagger / Hilt libraries is an advantage

・Knowing and doing projects using jetpack components (Android KTX, Paging, Navigation, Room, Data Binding …) is an advantage.

・Experience Rxjava / Android is advantageous

・Experience working with NDK is an advantage

・Having previously released apps on Google Play is an advantage.

・Priority to candidates who have participated in projects with Japan industry


III.    Benefits

1. Salary and Benefits


・Salary to Junior (500-800$) – Middle /Senior ( 800-1500$)

・Lunch allowance, parking are available

・Working time 5 days / week from 8:30 to 18:00 (Winter) and 8:00 to 17:30 (Summer)

 (take off on Saturday, Sunday);

・Flexible working time mode, increasing vacation days.

・Participate in full Insurance compliance with current Labor Laws.

・Annual health examination.

・Minimum 13 months salary per year, Tet bonus … and other bonuses.

・Evaluate salary increase 2 times / year.

・Participate in extracurricular events, Team Building activities, Workshop, monthly birthday parties, …

・Attend seminars of CEO and leaders.

・Company trip 1 time / year.


2. Work environment and Culture


・Professional, youthful, dynamic and fair working environment.

・Have the opportunity to advance to the position of Leader, manager.

・Good teamwork spirit, enthusiastic support from colleagues.

・Take part in Japanese training courses, soft skills, technical knowledge.

・Join the Club Game, Football, Japanese.

・Having the opportunity to work and train in Japan.


IV.    Contact

・Address: 71 Lý Thường Kiệt, Thạch Thang, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng 

・Interview Method: Online

・Estimated time is around the end of March

・Tel: 0243 555 1933

・Send CV via mail with title: Applied for IOS Dev_Candidate’s name. 

Ex: Applied for IOS Dev_ Ho Anh Tuan.

・Mail address: /