Training Activity Of July At Fuji Technology JSC

Training activity is one of activities held monthly at Fuji Technology JSC with the aim of improving the skills, working awareness and increasing new knowledge for each member of the company. This activity was organized and presented by Ms. Kato Noriko – CEO of Fuji Technology JSC.

The theme of the last July training was “Researching offshore market and reviewing knowledge of theme “Study” in last month”.

At the first half of training session, Ms. Kato focused on analyzing the problems, challenges that offshore companies have to deal with it and gave some directions to overcome those challenges.

After that, Ms. Kato reviewed some knowledge of theme “Study” in the training of last month. The members also gave their own opinions on this theme. In general, everyone agreed with one point of view that each member must improve his or her own level.

Moreover, Ms. Kato also shared some of her own knowledge and experience about the study process and forming her way of working. Those were useful knowledge and everyone eagerly received those useful knowledge.

Training activity is a creative activity and bringing for company members a lot of knowledge that has not to be taught at schools. By being equipped with these knowledge, Fuji Technology JSC’s members will increasingly improve themselves and grow up with the company much more.