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    At present, the digital content for the computer and the mobile device is the two of fields which obtain the biggest market share and sales in the digital industry. Among of these, the field of the digital content for the mobile device is developing strongly.

    In this context, Fuji Tech has been making the co-operation with the top digital content companies from the countries all over the world, such as Japan, Korea to provide the publishing companies and users in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam much more excellent digital contents for applications, website, game, etc.

    On this base, it is expected that in the future Fuji Tech will build a steady foundation to support the digital content provider and distributor to develop and distribute millions of mobile device users in Vietnam and support every customer to use the management utilities with full of functions and facilities more easily, conveniently and forms of payment more simply.

    Moreover, to support the digital content provider and distributor with the maximum ability in the product release, Fuji Tech is reaching bigger targets are making an ecosystem of digital content and building complete high-quality system. Owing to this, users of the mobile device will be able to access the giant and high-quality digital content stock.

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    In two or three recent years, game market has been changing dramatically. Because the transfer of usage from computer to mobile device has been happening fast, game publishers have to make changes to catch the trend.

    Fuji Tech discovered the potential ability of the game on mobile device in generally Southeast Asia and especially Vietnam, so we have been concentrating on building and developing many games owing to negotiating with the game publishers from the countries all over the world, such as Japan, Korea to get the copyright of hot games, especially the games programmed on the mobile base. In the future, Fuji Tech will directly publish games programmed on our base system and the game port in Vietnam and the other countries of Southeast Asia.

    In addition, Fuji Tech is making detailed strategies to develop original games which are created by designers and programmers of our company. We always expect to bring many interesting new games to make fascinating experience to users in the countries of Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam.

  • 3 Beside the development of digital content and the release of game, with our professional skill and experience, Fuji Tech has been developing and expanding the field of designing graphic, game, website and application according to the request from organizers and companies. Fuji Tech is known as the group of designers and programmers who have long time experience in working with partners from the markets of Japan, Europe, etc. With the concept of making belief with clients, Fuji Tech always try our best to concentrate on product quality to satisfy all of demands from the clients and also carry out the tasks according to the suggested progress. In addition, Fuji Tech’s staffs do not study to improve their skill but also catch the newest trend on the world.

    With the object of satisfying all of requests from clients and the ability of perfect, creative and professional design, Fuji Tech puts much more intelligence and time to each product, regards it as a work of art and also a combination of our original idea and clients’ vision. With the enthusiasm in the work, Fuji Tech hopes to make more many high-quality products to create the sustainable value with organizers, companies and users.