July 2019 was a busy time for Fuji Technology JSC as a lot of projects began or was being carry on. Among those, the most successful one could be mentioned was our two team leaders, Mr. Vu Dinh Loan and Mr. Le Minh Tuan’s 2-week-business trip to Malaysia.

Mr. Loan and Mr. Tuan had a lot of activities with our customer about some important work’s aspects such as discuss about ongoing projects, future’s cooperation prospects and the development direction for the current game… The two team leaders has successfully finished their missions thanks to their experiences and the enthusiastic supports from both the customers and Fuji Technology JSC.

The one thing our two leaders didn’t forget after stressful working hours was of course, relaxing and enjoying Malaysia’s culinary culture or visiting the country’s symbol – the Petronas Twin Tower.

Let’s wish for the continuous successes of every Mr. Tuan and Mr. Loan’s current and upcoming projects, as well as the smooth sail of Fuji Technology JSC as a whole.

Fujitech hope that many more talented individuals from Japan or anywhere in the world to come and join our family!