Job Fair 2015

On 19th December 2015, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan (METI) held Job Fair 2015 at VJCC Hanoi Foreign Trade University. Fuji Tech honored to be one of participant in this Job Fair.

Untitled-1The atmosphere in Job Fair

By taking part in to this event, Fuji Tech not only takes a chance to access to talented Vietnamese students but also promotes company’s image broadly to young people as well as businesses on the same field. In addition, joining to Job Fair also helps Fuji Tech having more chance to collaborate with another big Japanese companies.

Untitled-2At Job Fair, Fuji Tech brings a simple and friendly atmostphere but also professionalism

Untitled-3The BOD of Fuji Tech is waiting to welcome the students who join to Job Fair

Through Job Fair 2015, Fuji Tech hopes to improve our image as well as our advantages in the field of developing mobile platform in both Vietnam and Southeast Asia market in the future.

Credit by Fujinews Team