Fuji Tech Joint Stock Company Attended Tokyo Game Show 2016 – One Of The Biggest Annual Games Show In The World

Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is an annual game fair to be held in September in Japan. TGS’s participants are the leading game makers in Japan and all around the world. These gamers, cosplayers, and game fans worldwide eagerly looked forward to this great event. TGS is appraised by experts as the biggest game fair in Japan and the third largest in the world (after E3 in US and Gamescom in Germany). This year’s TGS 2016 was held from September 15th to September 18th at the Makuhari Messe exhibition center in Chiba, Tokyo, Japan. As usual, TGS’s the first two days will be for professionals and the media, the last two days will be opened to the entire public visitors. Tokyo Game Show 2016 has a new record of 271.224 participants,  614 companies and organizations participated (included 345 foreign companies and organizations).


Poster of TGS 2016

Tokyo Game Show 2016 brought the opportunities for players to experience the latest game titles from many companies in many countries. It is also the commercial opportunities for individuals and organizations to meet, share and come to the decision to cooperate. With the achievements of information technology, scientific and technical applications in recent years, the TGS 2016 was the witness to the development of virtual reality game (VR game) and game on smartphone era.

This year, Fuji Tech Joint Stock Company was honored to receive the invitation to attend the Tokyo Game Show 2016 in Japan. Ms. Kato Noriko, director of the company, personally attended this important event. In TGS , Fuji Tech not only promoted company’s strength and products, but also learned a lot of valuable experience to improve and develop. Especially, at TGS Fuji Tech had many opportunities to meet with partners. The most important achievement of Fuji Tech at TGS 2016 is the co-investment  with Bushiroad Joint Stock Companies in publishing mobile game in Vietnam. This partnership will bring more prospects for the development of the mobile gaming market in Vietnam.

Below are some typical images of Tokyo Game Show 2016:


Tokyo Game Show 2016’s image


Tokyo Game Show 2016’s image


Tokyo Game Show 2016’s image


Cosplayer in TGS 2016


Cosplayer in TGS 2016


Cosplayer in TGS 2016


Cosplayer in TGS 2016

Tokyo Game Show 2016 ended after four days organized but it still remains a lot of repercussion and deep impression in the heart of the gaming community. Let’s wish the Tokyo Game Show will continue to archive success and be a worldwide expected event as always.

Credit by Fujinews Team