Fuji Tech Innovation and Development

On December 2015, Fuji Tech JSC is officially moved to a brand new office room, which marks the vital development of our company.

The new office room is located at 7th Floor, Viet Tower. This location lies on the Thai Ha – Tay Son crossroad which is known as the most important traffic of the capital and also is one of the most crowded commercial center in Hanoi.

1The guest area is right on the big gate

On the target of boost and widespread development in the future; from the quality and quantity of services to the qualified human resource, moving to new office which has open up and professional environment is the stepping stone for this aim of innovation. All members are glad and joyful because they are working in not only a friendly atmosphere to connect among members but also the professionalism on target of building trust to our parties as well as new members who join Fuji Tech JSC afterwards.

2The main working area

According to BOD, representative – Ms. Kato – director of Fuji Tech, at the very first meeting with all Fuji’s members, conveyed the message along with clear targets as complete specialization skills, complete all tasks offered in order that preparing three services:

  1. Distributing Mobile Game via Game Gateway
  2. Building up the multi-platform advertising system
  3. Developing Gizam system

In line with the dramatic changes in both quality and quantity, Fuji Tech is ready to enter on the innovation of firm and comprehensive cooperation. Simultaneously, Fuji Tech commits to continue to develop as well as make a lot of effort to grow and innovate Fuji Tech on the path of conquer the highest mountain of success.

Following is some images of a normal working day at FujiTech

4Administration – Sales – Design Teams

Untitled-1PHP Team

Credit by Fujinews Team2