Fuji Tech – Take TET And Spring Home


Tet – The period of time which is looked forward to come by everyone in the land of S shape.
Tet – The amount of time which is family reunion and gather to cook Chung Cake around the warm stove.
Tet – The most precious moment that everybody forgets their tiredness and prays for a peaceful and lucky New Year.


This year, even though it was pouring rain and tremendous cold weather which make Tet’s atmosphere go down; the hot pink peach-blossom, splendid yellow apricot blossom or fruitful kumquat are made us feel that Tet is coming to towns.

According to Vietnamese conception, Tet is the time to leave all depressions behind and make a room for feeling of eagerness towards a full-of-happiness brand New Year. On the holy harmony of the Earth and human heart along with the respect headed for ancestor, Tet is sublimated the Vietnamese culture and made community come together. This is the reason why Tet is regarded as the most unique Vietnamese culture from the ancient until now.



In harmony of Tet, on every corner in the city, Fuji Tech is also covered by breath of Spring and Tet. Even though, at the end of the year, there are a lot of work that need to implement, but Fuji Tech’s members still spend their time to brilliantly decorate the office with peach-blossom, lucky money and the New Year Card.


For all the members of Fuji Tech big family, the company prepares the precious presents for each member. Through these presents, Fuji Tech wants to give the best wishes for a security, good health and prosperity New Year to not only each member but also their family.

Though there is such difficulty in 2015, Fuji Tech is unstopably growing up in both quality and quantity. In this 2016, Fuji Tech keeps striving much harder in order to gain ever more sucesses. At the beginning of New Year, BOD and all Fuji Tech’s members wish for a New Year with advantage, luck and sucess.Happy New Year! –あけましておめでとうございます !


happy new year

Credit by Fujinews Team