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Moving to Hanoi

Hanoi is the type of city that will quickly find a place in your heart. On top of the fact that Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital city it is also a city rich in flavour and charm.

With new construction projects starting every day and the city’s western edge expanding ever outwards, it’s easy to see that Hanoi is fast becoming a city of more than just political importance in Vietnam.


Expats moving to Hanoi find a city that maintains a balance between significant development (large shopping malls, new roads) and preserving a relatively cheap cost of living. With numerous lakes, fantastic restaurants and a vibrant night-life, plus South-East Asia’s best preserved colonial architecture, Hanoi is an easy choice for many expats moving to Vietnam.

The Hanoian expat community is a very active one. There is also a multitude of accommodation options to suit any budget and the amount of western orientated grocery stores and restaurants ensures that missing home is not something that will occur often. With a significant diplomatic community, a large number of NGOs, ESL teachers and expat-employing businesses Hanoi has a range of health care and education facilities catering for its expat community.

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