Fuji Technology 5th Anniversary

In June 3rd 2019, the 5th anniversary celebration of Fuji Technology JSC had been held at Trang An Place in No.1 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street, Hanoi. Since the foundation in June 3rd 2014, thanks to the unsparing effort of our passionate staff members throughout the last 5 years, Fuji Technology JSC has achieved many successes and reached the stage as we are today.

The last 5 years were periods of time full of hardships and challenges. Step by step, we have overcame all of those obstacles with the brilliant guidance of our leaders, the supports and assists of our partners and customers, as well as the endeavor from all members of the company. Along with hardships and difficulties, this was also a time filled with laughter, joy, and successes.

The 5th anniversary celebration of Fuji Technology JSC was a time and place for members to sit back together and recall all of the memories, the achievements, and to look at the future and create new, prospective goals.

The celebration had been held at 17:00, with the presence of every leaders and staffs from the company.

At the celebration, Miss Noriko Kato – CEO of Fuji Technology JSC – had have a speech about the members, the history, the ideal and the future’s prospect of the company.

It was followed by the thought about the company from the perspective of the company’s leaders, as well as their best wishes for Fuji Technology JSC.

After the speech from the leaders, a short film about the last 5 years’ memories was projected by the host onto the big screen as a reminiscence of past time to everyone.

Next was the party, the most important part of the 5th anniversary celebration of Fuji Technology JSC. Miss Noriko Kato – CEO of Fuji Technology JSC – had opened the champagne and raised the glass together with every members in the company to congratulate Fuji Technology JSC’s birthday party, wishing for more successes to the company.

After the opening, everyone joined in together to enjoy the food while talking merrily to each other.

At the same time, many entertainment shows filled with joy, youthfulness and romance was performed.

As well as many excited funny games.

Before the anniversary, members from the company had enthusiastically recorded their video, talking about their thoughts and emotions when working in Fuji Technology JSC to show them to everyone else in the party.

The 5th anniversary celebration of Fuji Technology JSC had ended successfully and happily. Throughout the party was a ceremonious, but also emotional and touching atmosphere.

We wish that the Fuji Technology ship shall continue to become bigger and more steady to be ready to sail itself into the wide-open ocean of opportunities.